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"Accept Your Family Power" , Oksana Solodovnikova

Oksana Solodovnikova "Accept Your Family Power"  Centropoligraf Publishing House (Moscow), 2011.

“A person cannot control his fate. Divorces, illnesses, accidents, conflicts, early deaths may haunt many a generation of good people. The reasons for these sufferings are really hidden from a person’s consciousness; they are concealed deep in his family system. There is a family programme which we follow like sheep on our life journey.

What can we do if our fate cannot be changed?

The book "Accept Your Family Power" is not only intended for those who wish to puzzle out difficult life situations, but also to find an individual solution. The book describes the solutions of difficult and sometimes tragic situations in the family relations. The examples from the author’s experience (she is a psychotherapeutist) enable to see various life situations from the point of view of the processes within a family.

You will be able to release from the destructive link with your family. You will find powers to completely realise yourself as a power.


Chapter 1. Reasons for problems in a person’s life. Thestartofthesearch

Family system

Family affiliation

Family soul

Soul orders

Inner child’s love

Inner resistance


Chapter 2. Family values

How are a person’s beliefs formed?

Beliefs’ impact on our life

Why do we have certain beliefs?

A person’s beliefs and his family life


Chapter 3. Negative emotions


How does the displacement of negative feelings occur?

Psychologically traumatic experience

Ancestors’ emotions and our present life


Fear, panic

Offence, hatred, fury

Malice, rage

Pity. Sacrifice. Suffering.


Chapter 4. A man and a woman


Separation from the parent family. A man and a woman

Choosing partners

Parent family systems

An even exchange

Divorce and parting

A couple and children


The order of systems

Problem solutions



Chapter 5. Parents and children


Maternity and paternity

Relation stages

Children as a continuation of their family systems

Parents’ family values

Do not involve a child

Who gives and who takes?

Parents’ deeds

The loss of devotion to parents

Surname change

The deceased parent

Children as children’s parents

Cruel treatment

Constituent, solutions


Chapter 6. Love, sexual relations




.Chapter 7. Co-dependence and dependence





Chapter 8.  Family programme


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