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“Healing by Family Power” , Oksana Solodovnikova

Oksana Solodovnikova “Healing by Family Power” Centropoligraf Publishing House (Moscow), 2012

There is no family that would not have faced chronic or progressive body or soul disorders. What are the reasons for serious disorders? Isitaperson’sfaultthatheisill? Can he control his illness? The roots of such illnesses almost always hide in the family’s past, in a psychological trauma suffered by one of the ancestors, thoroughly concealed or even well known, but not apprehended. Inharmonious and unhealthy family relations, which can be inherited, may be a root of the illness, too. How can we turn our family’s power to good? You will learn how to be healed, realise the problems that oppress you family and get rid of them in the new book by Oksana Solodovnikova “Healing by Family Power”.  


Chapter 1. The causes of the illness.

1.1. The connection between a body, a mind and a soul

1.3. A person and his relations with his family

1.4. Causes of disorders

1.5. Family system. Family soul

1.6. Soul orders

1.7. Condemnation

1.8. Inner child’s love

1.9. An illness and parents

1.10. What a sick person can do?

1.11. Readiness to be healed

1.12. Hard

1.13. Consent

1.14. The ways of healing

Chapter 2. Psychological traumas and illness development. Searching for solutions

2.1. What is a psychological trauma?

2.2. Life consequences of a psychological trauma

2.3. “Between life and death”

2.4. “Nothing can be returned”. An illness and the loss of relations

2.5. An illness and an incomplete parting with the deceased

- a deceased parent;

- a deceased child;

- a suicide and an illness;

- complete parting with the deceased

2.5. “I blame you not to feel pain myself”. An illness and an incomplete parting with the former partner

2.6 “Mother, I am looking for you”. An illness and an interrupted motion of love to mother

2.8. ”Where are my parents?” The loss of devotion and an illness

2.9.Thisissoawful! We had better hold it”. Violence in the family system and an illness

-sexual violence;

-a killer and a victim;

-a secret of the system

2.10. “Abortion? What is wrong with it?” An illness and excluded aborted children

2.11. A solution for a psychological trauma

Chapter 3. “Bound with pain”. Addictions in the family

3.1. “I bring pain with love”. What does addiction stand for?

3.1.1. Stages of addiction development

3.1.2. Psychoactive substance addiction (alcohol abuse, drug addiction, solvent abuse).

3,1.3. Excessive gambling.

3.1.4. Computer games addiction

3.1.5. Sexual addiction

3.1.6. Nutrition disorders

Chapter 4. “Semi-life”. Co-dependent relations

4. 1. Forms of co-dependent relations

4.2. A dependant and a co-dependant in the family

4.3. Dependence, co-dependence and a trauma

4.4. What stands for the major displays of co-dependence in the family?

4.4.1. “I am ideal; why do others not see it?” Mythologicalidealisedthinking

4.4.2. “Deep anxiety”. Control of others, hyper-responsibility for others’ lives

4.4.3. “I am suffering, and this is point”. Sacrifice, suffering

4.4.4. “There is no you and I; there are only WE”. Strictness of setups. Absence of psychological boundaries

4.4.5. “I am the only one to blame”. Toxic emotions – fault, anger, shame, offence, self-pity, anxiety and disturbance

Chapter 5. “Good parents cannot have bad children”. Children’s conduct disorders

Chapter 6. “Where is a child’s love?” Children’s illnesses

Chapter 7. “Despair and weakness”. Oncological diseases, schizophrenia and other serious diseases

Chapter 8. “I go on living”. Search through an illness

A body and a trauma

Chapter 9. Rewrite your history


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